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Edward “Teddy” Pewtress
April 20, 1978 – February 21, 2011
Edward K. Pewtress, 32, passed away of pneumonia on February 21, 2011.
Edward was born in Tokyo, Japan on April 20, 1978 to Don Pewtress and Sunny Kim Vincelette. He  received his BS in Business Marketing and Finance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and later became the Business Development Executive at the Royal Orchid Hotel in Guam. Although he lived throughout the western U.S. and pacific coast, Teddy had a way of making “home” wherever he was.
Edward had an immense capacity for life and love; he was rarely without a smile or kind word. His greatest loves were his family and friends, who he cherished above anything else. Edward was greatly respected and admired for his intelligence and views on life, love, and the power of service to others. Edward took great pride in everything he did, as he never compromised his integrity and quality. Above all, Edward had a kind heart where he generously and selflessly gave to others, never expecting anything in return. Those who knew him feel blessed, as he impacted them all with his genuine spirit, positive energy, and love for life. He made friendship a fine art, and if friendship were the measure of a man, Edward was the richest man on earth. Edward enjoyed playing basketball and golf, spending time outdoors skiing and fishing, and sitting down to a home-cooked meal with family. Edward spent the last moments of his life with family, happy, in a place that he had always dreamt of. He is still with us now, more than ever, doing what he naturally does best: watching over his family and friends.
He is survived by his father, Don Pewtress, mother, Sunny Vincelette, step-father, Greg Vincelette, sisters, Sharon and Shanon, brother, Eugene, and pet, Ebony. He is truly missed and beloved, from "heaven to earth", as their dear Son, Brother, and Friend.

Memorial Service & Celebration of Life (Guam):
Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Windward Hills Golf & Country Club

Memorial Services (Las Vegas):
Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: LDS Church (5750 North Cimarron Road)

Celebration of Life (Las Vegas):
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Location: Angel Park Golf Club (100 Rampart Boulevard) 

In lieu of flowers, we have setup a Paypal account for those of you who would like to contribute to the Edward K. Pewtress Legacy Fund. These funds will be used to help further his mission of helping others in need. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation. 



Tributes and Condolences
Thinking of you especially today.   / Nora Fitzgibbons (family friend )
Thinking of you today dear Teddy, and looking through the photos of your beautiful life. I know you are with your sweet mother and sisters today. What a blessing your life has been. The stories of your kindness, and gentle character are ove...  Continue >>
Thank you   / Katrina Chavez (friend)
Teddy i find myself visiting your page often. It had been awhile since we have talked but when we started talking on facebook it was like time never passed. We caught up on how everyone was doing. You told me how proud you were of your sisters and al...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday!!   / Jamee Stumph (Family Friend )
Teddy It is your birthday today the first since you have been gone. I will be so sad not to see you at the next Stumph wedding as you have been there forever! I will forever cherish the last conversation we had at Chris's wedding!!!! I will always...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Sharon Pewtress (Sister)
Happy Birthday Teddy! Dear brother you were as special and loved on this day 33 years ago as you are today. As our sweet mother recently said "the day Teddy was born changed everything...suddenly the flowers were blooming the birds were singing ...  Continue >>
Thanks for being a friend   / Ian Waetje (Friend)
So long Teddworth! We've had a lot of great times. The memories of which will be forever cherished! See you on the flip side- Ian
Good Bye for now...  / Amanda Gamel (Family (Cousin) )    Read >>
Thank You  / George Weaver (friend)    Read >>
The Positive Man  / Theresa Crucena (Co- Worker )    Read >>
Thougts and Prayers to your family  / Steve Mila (Friend)    Read >>
My memories of Teddy  / Tito Thanadabouth (Friend)    Read >>
My friend/My little brother  / Art Thompson (friend/brother)    Read >>
Teddy & Guam  / Angela Reed (Co-worker)    Read >>
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His legacy
Ted's Life Lessons  

The Edward (Teddy) K. Pewtress “legacy” is best described by the great impact he had on the many lives he has touched around the world. Those who know him have witnessed and have been touched by his kindness in some shape or form. That’s why it is important that we never forget him and that we always remember how he lived. Teddy lived a great life as he surrounded himself with friends who respected him and a family that adored him. Teddy has a natural way of attracting others as they were drawn to his positive energy. Of course we all know that when around Teddy he is never short of good advice. Therefore we would like to share with you some of the advice he offered over the years hoping you will too will be enlightened by his wisdom touched by his kindness and motivated to share with others just as he did.

Ted's Life Lessons:

1. Hold your Ground: whether it was WWF or street style Ted taught us how to stand up for ourselves to prepare us for the world in case we found ourselves in those situations. However as you all know Teddy was very protective of those he loved especially of his sisters and usually was there to stand up for us. But wanted to make sure we were grounded and could stand up for ourselves when he couldn't be there.

2. Character: Ted always taught us to walk with confidence and to have self worth. To walk with our heads high proud to be the people we are. Which means to know who we are. He believed that a person who knows who they are are not threatened by the beliefs of others. That when we have a strong sense of self-worth you will believe you can handle anything and throughout his everything then becomes an opportunity o learn and do more. To walk with dignity and not be ashamed of our acts or deeds. Therefore in order to do this one has to live an honest life.

3. Honesty: Teddy encouraged us to live good honest lives. We learned right away that lying to Ted would only lead to more trouble as dishonesty was not tolerated. Be honest. And if there is something you have done or said that you are ashamed about it's okay we all fall...just remember to get up...

4. Learn from your Mistakes & Get up: Life has its ups and downs. Surround yourself with good people who strive for the same goals and values as you. Remember that f falling is part of the lesson. Not all those who wander are lost. Although individuals may not seem to have a sense of direction or plan instead maybe they are enjoying life for what it is. One must fall in order to learn to pick themselves up. These trials will only make you stronger.

5. Family: Family comes first. We are our Mother’s children and we are all members of this family. The “as a family all troubles and tribulations we went and will go through affects each of us.” Find strength in your family. Find strength within yourself. You are your own worst enemy. But to remember you're an expert on yourself not anyone else. And to not be afraid to expose a weakness in yourself as exposing a weakness is the beginning of strength. Use your strength for good. His favorite quote was "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Martin Luther King Jr. Strength to Love 1963

6. Friendship: Ted found a friend in all he knew. And not only did they become just friends they became like bothers and sisters. He had a way of impacting all their lives that he came in contact with as he touched everyone's hearts whether it was his acts of kindness his charm that contagious smile his silly laugh or his big heart. It was not hard for him to find friendship in others as he did not judge. Regardless of one’s faults he still found a way to find the best in people. He found a way to accept people for the positive things rather than the negative.

7. Be positive: one year Ted got all of the kids in the family a book called "beyond positive thinking as he wanted to share with others and spread the joy of positive energy. He found the silver lining in everything.

8. Take Pride in everything you do: Teddy took pride in all that he did. He always gave everything 110% putting forth his best effort. Whether at work in school or around the house if Ted was going to do something he would do it right. No matter how difficult the task he would always follow through with what he set his mind to do. As he believed that through each thing he did he found a lesson to be learned.

9. Learning: Ted was always hungry to learn and to grow. He loved to read books ponder poetry and write about life and the lessons in it. He had a hunger for growth and knowledge. He taught us the value of knowledge is worthless if it not used for the greater good. And as he learned to would teach others as Ted was never short of good advice. Even if you didn't ask for it he still made sure you knew how he felt about things. He wanted you to learn whether from his mistakes or someone else’s he was never short of sharing life experiences. And of course Ted was usually right.

10. Don’t judge a book by its Cover: Ted always made sure we knew that brains were more important than beauty. That we would get much further in life by using our brains rather than looks as yes we too will get old. That true beauty is found within. As beauty is not always what it seems-for example a person may be beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. Or maybe gold which is precious represents beauty does not always glitter. That a person may not be beautiful on the outside but beautiful or precious on the inside.

11. Faith: Ted had a strong faith that things will always work out how they are suppose to. That there is a plan for all of us and that there was a plan for him. Although he believed that his life on earth would be short he also knew the great impact he'd have on this world.

12. Legacy: Ted lived strong. He lived life to the fullest. We all love him because we all got to have a little bit of Teddy within each of us. We have all been touched just by knowing him. He paid it forward; he shared his life with us.

13. Sharing: as we all know Ted shared. Whether he had only $5 in his pockets and if you needed $ it was yours. He'd want us to share these moments together to remember him for the kind strong amazing person that he was and is as we know his spirit has lived on.

Everything will be Okay  

Teddy’s mission in life changed when his sisters were born. His life was devoted to protecting his 2 sisters. He made sure they were safe from the harsh realities of the world at all times. Thus in turn he would take on those extra burdens to protect them from being hurt and would endure the pain himself so that they wouldn't have to. This was his natural way with all people. As their brother and father-figure Teddy outlined a map for his sisters showing what directions to go what paths to avoid what paths to follow. He would offer advice as we found ourselves on detours as he encouraged his sisters to never get off their path or lose sight of their goals. More importantly he encouraged them to be kind to others to walk with integrity and to respect their elders on their journey. Even when they would get discouraged he would listen to their plights and gently respond:

I feel your sorrow I feel your pain but hey what are you talking about? Listen in life we go through challenges obstacles feelings of self doubt loathing loneliness etc....but come on your own worst enemy is need to change your're too strong too smart to full of life and beauty to let a small moment in time get you down. Come have too much to offer. Right? Show the world your beauty and strength...listen...did you ever see me get down on myself? I went through hell and back many of times to the point where I lost faith in those around me and they lost faith in me but did you ever see me falter...maybe...of course...because I understood the pain I was putting others through....but I never lost faith in myself...if you find yourself doing something that is unrewarding...make it rewarding...look at all you've done and accomplished...look at how you were able to maintain your relationships build upon your relationships and look at all the great things you have done...right...that’s the reward. That is where the satisfaction the ability to test yourself to face those obstacles and to overcome...that is where happiness is. Right? It will come...okay? Stick with your plan finish what you set out to do you still have so much more to offer don’t let yourself get down go to Sharon and mom for support you will find your strength in your family...we are all here to support you...deep know what is right and what will make you happy...find that get back on track and keep moving forward....k....I love you Shanon I love you Sharon I love you mom and of course Greg and Ebony...remember you have so much to'll find happiness in what you offer to the world and others...k?

His encouraging words of advice assured those around him that he loves you confident that yes he is right and comforted by his words that everything will be okay.

Experiencing the Good in Life  

Teddy loved poetry. He loved expressing his thoughts on love his views of the world and interpreting life through the beauty of poetry. He felt that most portrayed a central message. Whether its defeat mistakes or affliction – he believed we all gained from our hardships because through these hardships there is always a lesson to be learned. He said:

So whether its mistakes challenges or whatever. There are situations in our life that are difficult. They may not be comfortable convenient or something we look forward too. They may bring great stress and discomfort in our life. But the ability to face the challenge and overcome the affliction is a true measure of our character. It is an accomplishment in knowing that we have the ability to overcome any obstacle. In turn teaching us a valuable lesson of who we are and our abilities as individuals.

The loss of our dear brother happened very unexpectedly. No one knows where we will be 1 year from now 2 weeks from now. Our futures are unknown. Yet Teddy believed that: making progress on a day to day basis the outcome of our future is easier to understand. By taking the inherent principles we learned as children we strive for success and doing what is right. The idea of taking that wisdom knowledge and experience that we have within us will help us grow to experience the good in life.

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